2024 - Reno, Nevada

2024 University All-American Certificates (Coming Soon)

Raw Women

Ashley Lopez, 1st Place, 52Kg – University of Nevada – Reno
Yasmin Talamantez, 2nd Place, 52Kg – Ottawa University – Kansas

Lola Cheramie, 1st Place, 57Kg – Ottawa University – Kansas
Katherine Costanzo, 2nd Place, 57Kg – Ithaca College
Sydney Kender, 3rd Place, 57Kg – College of Charleston

Kasee Sketoe, 1st Place, 63Kg – Ottawa University – Kansas
Esmeralda Lopez, 2nd Place, 63Kg – Fresno State
Samantha Montgomery, 3rd Place, 63Kg – Grand Canyon University

Celine Orozco, 1st Place, 69Kg – Ottawa University – Kansas
Diana Alrabadi, 2nd Place, 69Kg – University of Nevada – Las Vegas
Faith Anderson, 3rd Place, 69Kg – Grand Canyon University

Jamie Scott, 1st Place, 76Kg – Ottawa University – Kansas
Megan Richard, 2nd Place, 76Kg – Eastern Arizona College
Citlalli Rodriguez, 3rd Place, 76Kg – Fresno State

Mena Reeves, 1st Place, 84Kg – Ottawa University – Kansas
Julia Dolan, 2nd Place, 84Kg – Ocean County College

Abigail Lee, 1st Place, 84+Kg – Ottawa University – Kansas
Jade Cuellar, 2nd Place, 84+Kg – Ottawa University – Arizona
Jessica Medrano, 3rd Place, 84+Kg – Ottawa University – Arizona

Raw Men

Nicolas Calidonia, 1st Place, 59Kg – Ottawa University – Kansas
Wyatt Abbott, 2nd Place, 59Kg – University of North Texas
Mirick Tarazon, 3rd Place, 59Kg – Fresno State

Daniel Glavan, 1st Place, 66Kg – Baruch College
Andrew Cabindol, 2nd Place, 66Kg – New York University
Tucker Abbott, 3rd Place, 66Kg – University of North Texas

An Vu, 1st Place, 74Kg – University of Hawaii at Manoa
Micah Barron, 2nd Place, 74Kg – Coffeyville Community College
Adam Dias, 3rd Place, 74Kg – University of Nevada – Reno

Dawson Aaron, 1st Place, 83Kg – Grand Canyon University
Justin Choy, 2nd Place, 83Kg – Texas Christian University
Kyle Cayabyab, 3rd Place, 83Kg – Grand Canyon University

Gustavo Alvarado-P»rez, 1st Place, 93Kg – Fresno State
Princeton Phasakda, 2nd Place, 93Kg – Fresno State
Alex Perez, 3rd Place, 93Kg – Fresno State

Cameron Lunsford, 1st Place, 105Kg – Lenoir-Rhyne University
Matthew Schraith, 2nd Place, 105Kg – University of St. Thomas – Minnesota
Dustin Wang, 3rd Place, 105Kg – Fresno State

Nicolas Flores, 1st Place, 120Kg – Coffeyville Community College
Jaden Bilal, 2nd Place, 120Kg – Luther College
Benjamin Edelman, 3rd Place, 120Kg – West Chester University

Polo Tapia, 1st Place, 120+Kg – University of Oregon
Blaize Whitaker, 2nd Place, 120+Kg – Abilene Christian University
Wilbur Vargas, 3rd Place, 120+Kg – Fresno State

2023 - Winter Haven, Florida

2023 University All-American Certificates

Raw Women

Raw Men

Lue Yang, 1st Place, 66kg – United States Naval Academy
Ryan Bui, 2nd Place, 66kg – De Anza College

Nolan Coglianese, 1st Place, 74kg – Ottawa University Arizona
William Hinson, 2nd Place, 74kg – United States Naval Academy
Mario Montes, 3rd Place, 74kg – Ottawa University Arizona

Arman Roshan, 1st Place 83kg – United States Naval Academy
Cameron Libermann, 2nd Place, 83kg – East Tennessee State University
James Pulliam, 3rd Place, 83kg – United States Naval Academy

Tank Lunsford, 1st Place, 93kg – Lenoir-Rhyne University
Ryan Carter, 2nd Place, 93kg – Lenoir-Rhyne University
Jacob Cho, 3rd Place, 93kg – United States Naval Academy

Sam Sikora, 1st Place, 105kg – University of Michigan
Clark Griffin, 2nd Place, 105kg – United States Naval Academy
Harlan Dean, 3rd Place, 105kg – United States Naval Academy

Robert Hill, 1st Place, 120kg – Rowan College of South Jersey

Luke Mellon, 1st Place, 120+kg – Midland University
John Jones, 2nd Place, 120+kg – East Tennessee State University
Jesus Ellin Jr., 3rd Place, 120+kg – Ottawa University Arizona

Equipped Women

Jasmine Barlow, 1st Place, 47kg – Louisiana State University

Bella Varags, 1st Place, 57kg – The University of Texas at Austin

Ivette Ayala, 1st Place, 76kg – United States Naval Academy

Equipped Men

Koda Robinson, 1st Place, 74kg – United States Naval Academy

Jameson Brodeur, 1st Place, 93kg – United States Naval Academy

Blayne Butler, 1st Place, 105kg – United States Naval Academy