2023 IPF Classic & Equipped Bench Worlds Team USA Recap

The 2023 IPF Classic & Equipped Bench Press World Championships took place in Sun City, South Africa, from May 20th to 27th, with many Powerlifting America athletes bringing back medals.

On the Men’s Raw Open team, Kaden Hush took home gold in the 120kg open class, finishing with a successful third attempt of 237.5kg (523 lbs). In the Sub-Junior class, James Kellerman put up 175kg (385 lbs) in the 105kg class to claim a first-place podium finish. Over in the Masters 1 83kg class, Jonathan Losa set a new world record bench press at 201kg (443lbs). Chris Walter (M2 – 105kg), Steve Edwards (M3 – 66kg), and James Ray (M3 – 120+ kg) also came away victorious in their respective classes with a first-place finish. On the Women’s Raw team, Sub-Junior lifter Amelia Gercken emerged victorious in the 76kg class with a 72.5kg (159lb) bench press.

Moving to the Equipped teams, 93kg open lifter Adam Momola put up 295kg (650lbs) for the gold medal, narrowly missing his third attempt of 322.5kg (710lbs). The USA was also able to grab gold in the M2 105kg class and M3 74kg class thanks to the efforts of William Thacker (252.5kg/556lbs) and Michael Rodriguez (157.5kg/347lbs), respectively.

Congratulations to all the amazing athletes who represented Powerlifting America and the USA at this annual world competition.

2023 Powerlifting America Classic Age Division and Equipped Nationals Preview

The 2023 Powerlifting America Classic Age Division and Equipped National Championships are taking place in Scottsdale, Arizona, this weekend. Lifters from around the United States will be attempting to earn a spot on a US National Team for the IPF World Classic & Equipped Sub-Junior & Junior Powerlifting Championships in Romania, World Classic & Equipped Masters Powerlifting Championships in Mongolia, or NAPF North American Regional Powerlifting Championships in the Cayman Islands. For more information regarding the specific selection process for each national team, click here.

Over the next few days, some notable names in powerlifting as well as some incredibly strong up-and-comers, will be vying for one of these coveted U.S. national team spots. Some of these lifters have a clear path to worlds, while others face heated battles in the deepest talent pool yet on the national stage.

On Friday, over 120 lifters will compete across three sessions with some of the most intense showdowns of the weekend. The first Friday session starts Nationals off with a bang as the top female 63kg Junior lifters fight for a spot on the US Junior National Team in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. In session two on Friday, keep an eye out for the Male 66kg Juniors as six of the nation’s top lifters battle it out. Friday’s lifting will finish with a trifecta of action in the Female Master I 76kg and Female Master I and II 84+kg divisions.

Moving on to Saturday, session one is filled with lifters, both young and old, as we see a flurry of Sub-Junior and Master II, III, and IV lifters from a variety of weight classes competing, which goes to show that powerlifting is a sport for all ages. To close out the weekend’s raw lifting, Saturday’s 2nd session is a don’t-miss event with lifters duking it out in the heavyweight male weight classes from 83kg to 120+kg across various age divisions.

Sessions one and two on Sunday will feature a host of world champions, along with a few rising stars in the Equipped Category. Sunday’s first session features all the equipped female lifters, including some multi-time world champions and former World Games athletes looking to pave their path back to the world stage. In the Men’s Equipped category, many young upstarts are looking to make their mark by earning a spot on the Open World team.

To follow all this weekend’s action LIVE at the 2023 Powerlifting America Classic Age Division Nationals, go to https://powerlifting-america.com/live

For more insight and analysis on the specifics of these matchups and more from our experts as well as interviews with athletes competing this weekend, check out the Powerlifting America Podcast National Championship Previews on Youtube.