Powerlifting America National Constitution

1. Objective

The objective of Powerlifting America is to promote and organize the sport of drug tested powerlifting and support general power training. Part of the duty is to stimulate cooperation between the members and to represent the association at international meetings, and events. The work of Powerlifting America shall have a character of ethics, volunteerism, loyalty, and responsibility always focusing on good governances. Their primary duty shall be to serve the athlete. All sport activity shall be based on fellowship, health, and honesty.

2. Organization

Powerlifting America is a union of members, clubs, schools, and universities, practicing the sport of powerlifting, fitness, wellness, and weight training.

Powerlifting America is a member of the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF), the North American Powerlifting Federation (NAPF), and once recognized, the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) and the United States Anti-doping Agency (USADA). Powerlifting America fully accepts and agrees to follow the IPF Anti-Doping rules, and the WADA Code.

Powerlifting America fully accepts and agrees to follow IPF Technical Rules. Powerlifting America fully accepts and agrees to follow the IPF Constitution, as well as all IPF Codes and Guidelines.

Powerlifting America and ALL its members that are registered and not registered agree to recognize the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) in Lausanne, Switzerland as the only external body for jurisdictional authority, applying the Code of Sports-Related Arbitration for all disputes which cannot be settled amicably or through local arbitration or mediation. However, all internal legal remedies must be exhausted before referring a matter to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

3. Duties and competence

Powerlifting America shall develop and create activities, states´ associations, commissions as well as a fully functional accounting and auditing system to meet the requirements of the members, the United States Olympic Committee (USOC), the North America Powerlifting Federation, and the International Powerlifting Federation.

Powerlifting America shall serve and is the only National Governing Body for the sport of Powerlifting in the United States.

The education of elected volunteers, serving on the Executive Committee and all Commissions should match their assigned responsibilities. CVs should be submitted in advance prior to assigning or electing officers to their positions.

4. Membership

Powerlifting America shall register members, clubs, teams, colleges, and high schools practicing the sport of powerlifting which are eligible to join the association, so as long as they agree to the follow the IPF Anti-doping Rules and the World Anti-Doping Code.

All members accepted by Powerlifting America are obligated to follow and comply with the constitutions, rules, and guidelines of the Powerlifting America, and the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF).

5. Memberships

The National Governing Body (NGB) decides on all fees that will be charged by the Association. Unpaid membership fees of the voting representatives shall result in loss of votes and right to speak at the NGB.

6. Economic compensations for honorary posts

Elected Officers serving in the Executive or on committees/commissions, as well as contractors, may receive a reasonable compensation for their work and their documented expenses. Such compensations shall be included in the budget and the annual accounts for Powerlifting America.

7. Inability

A person employed by Powerlifting America, may simultaneously hold an honorary position in the federation.

8. Disciplinary Commission

The Disciplinary Commission rules on all disciplinary or ethical infractions of the members of Powerlifting America and shall oversee the disciplinary proceedings and impose penalties. The Committee shall be made up of members, with a legal background and shall have no association with the sport of powerlifting, or any involvement with Powerlifting America. Representatives on this Commission shall have a legal background.

Discipline for all anti-doping rule violations nationally will be determined by USADA. All discipline at IPF International or World Championships will be determined by the IPF Doping Hearing Panel.

9. The National Governing Body Meeting

The National Governing Body Meeting is the supreme ruling body for Powerlifting America. It is required the NGB meet annually by July of each year.

Time is of the essence. The Executive Committee shall notify the members no later than 60 days ahead of the General Assembly. Proposals and amendments must be received by the Executive Committee at the latest 45 days prior to the General Assembly. The Complete Agenda must be sent to all members at the latest 30 days prior to the General Assembly. The General Assembly may be held in a virtual format when conditions do not allow for an in-person meeting.

At the General Assembly, a quorum will consist of 20% of the authorized
delegates/members present. No delegate/member shall have more than one vote as they cannot carry votes for persons that are not present at the General Assembly.

Proposals and Amendments
Proposals to change the Constitution/By-laws of Powerlifting America may be examined if included in the agenda distributed to all members and requires two-thirds majority by the delegates/members that were accepted at the NGB. All accepted proposals will be in power from the first day after the Congress if not otherwise stated.

10. National Governing Body Meeting (NGB)

Delegates with voting rights:

a) The Executive Committee Members (5)
b) Regional Representatives (up to 4)
c) Commissions (5)

11. The Powers of National Governing Body Meeting

The agenda of the GA is:

  1. The delegates elect one person to preside at the meeting, one secretary to record the meeting and two persons to sign the protocol.
  2. Roll call of delegates.
  3. To accept the agenda.
  4. To examine the Executive Committee report.
  5. To examine the Treasure’s – Auditor’s report.
  6. To examine proposals and amendments.
  7. Decide about membership fees and other fees.
  8. To examine the budget.
  9. Election of the members of the Federation’s Executive Board, for a renewable term of 4 years.
    – President
    – Vice President
    – General Secretary
    – Treasurer
    – Technical Chairman
  10. Election of the Chairmen for each Commission (4 years).
    – Law and Legislation Commission
    – Athlete Commission (Female)
    – Athlete Commission (Male)
    – Coach Commission
    – Medical Commission
  11. Regional Representatives
    – Northeast
    – Southeast
    – Northwest
    – Southwest

Gender equity shall be observed in the election of the Executive Board Members, Commission Members, and Regional Representatives.

12. Order of votes at the National Governing Body Meeting

If not otherwise decided, a proposal is accepted by a majority vote. However, Constitutional changes require two-thirds majority.

Election of candidates shall be in writing if there is more than one candidate for a duty. If there are more candidates but no one gains majority, a new election between the two candidates with most votes shall take place. In case two candidates gain equal number of votes, a draw shall be made to decide which one shall be elected.

If more candidates shall be voted, all must gain more than 50% of the total votes to be elected. If necessary, additional rounds of votes must be made to achieve more than 50%. The By-laws fall under the authority of the Executive Committee and the EC has the full and absolute governance over this document. However, the NGB can only propose amendments.

13. Extraordinary General Assembly

An Extraordinary Congress may be called by the President or the majority of the Executive Committee no less than 30 days before the date is set for the meeting.

The Extraordinary General Assembly requires at least 25% of the members present in order to have a valid and approved meeting. The Extraordinary General Assembly may be held in a virtual format, when conditions do not allow for an in-person meeting.

An Extraordinary General Assembly shall only deal with cases included in the agenda when called.

14. Executive Board

The Executive Board performs organizational, administrative, and specialist-technical tasks.

The Board is the executive body of the Association and performs tasks given by the Congress of Members and tasks in its field. It leads the Association between sessions of the Congress of Members.

Members of the Federation’s Executive Board are the President, the Vice President, the General Secretary, the Treasurer, and the Technical Committee Chairman.

15. Powers of the Executive Board

  1. It shall be the governing body of Powerlifting America between General Assemblies.
  2. It shall carry out decisions made by the NGBs.
  3. It shall carry out daily management of the federation and represent the federation in all matters relevant to the daily operation of the association.
  4. When necessary, appoint members to vacant seats on commissions.
  5. To maintain running control of the expenditures for Powerlifting America, in accordance with the budget approved by the Congress.

An executive meeting is called by the President or if majority of the Executive members ask for a meeting.

A quorum is formed if majority of the Executive members are present.
Decisions are made by a majority vote of the Executive members present. In case of a tie, the President shall cast the deciding vote.

16. Commissions

a) Technical Commission
b) Coach Commission
c) Law and Legislation Commission
d) Athlete Commission

a) Technical Committee
– The commission shall consist of three members of whom the chairperson is elected by the Congress and two other members appointed by the Executive, for a renewable term of four (4) years.
– The commission shall educate and instruct referees, organize referee clinics, and appoint referees at national championships. (other duties may be included).
c) Law and Legislation Commission
– The commission shall consist of three members of whom the chairperson is elected by the Congress and two other members appointed by the Executive, for a renewable term of four (4) years.
– The commission shall evaluate all new Constitutional proposals and amendments and state their conclusions to the Congress. Further, the duty is to update and maintain the Constitution and interpret the content if required.

17. Constitutional changes

Constitutional changes are only possible at the ordinary Congress or at an extraordinary Congress. Such proposals must be included on the agenda when the Congress is called and require two-thirds majority of the delegates present.

18. Dissolution

A proposal to dissolve the federation must first be discussed at an ordinary Congress. If a decision is made in favor of a dissolution by a two-thirds majority, an extraordinary Congress shall be called no later than 3 months later. Again a two-thirds majority is required for a final decision of a dissolution of the association.

The funds of the federation shall come to a superior sport federation or to a charity organization as decided by the Congress.