Ineligibility Violations of Article 14 in the Constitution 

Dear friends,

As this is a delicate matter, we want to provide the correct interpretation of the IPF Rule on when and how Article 14 is applied so as not to cause any misunderstanding and to be as fully transparent as possible. 

Key and important, once an athlete, coach, official, or referee participates in a Powerlifting America event, they shall be bound by all Rules and Regulations of the International Powerlifting Federation. Until this point, neither the IPF nor Powerlifting America retains no jurisdiction over anyone who is NOT currently a member.

For example, if an athlete, coach, and/or referee, while a member of Powerlifting America, takes part in a non-WADA-recognized event, they shall render themselves ineligible for (only National and International Championships only) 12 months.

Overall, the responsibility to ensure compliance rests with each individual. If you’re unsure, please email us at the PA National Office here: [email protected]

We welcome all athletes, coaches, officials, and referees from the United States to join our organization!