Powerlifting America Brings Record-Breaking Team to the North American Championships

Powerlifting America is raising the standard at the 2023 North American Regional Powerlifting Championships starting August 8th. This year’s team boasts 104 lifters across all age divisions, raw and equipped, including 17 former World Champions. This will be the biggest North American Championships ever, with 286 athletes from 14 countries.

The standard of competition has been rising every year at the NAPF. Since the North American Championships are an international competition sanctioned under the IPF, both North American Records and World Records will be fair game. With such a stacked National Team, it will be exciting to see how many World Records are broken.

All eyes will be on the return of Ray Williams in the +120kg class, one of the greatest superstars the sport has ever seen. Training appears to be going well for Ray, judging by the little footage posted on his social media. He might be poised to put on a show in the Cayman Islands, push his squat World Record, and make a case for wild card consideration for Sheffield 24. He will have legendary game day coach Sioux-z Hartwig Gary by his side.

Jonathan Garcia is another US athlete who might be attempting a squat World Record. Jonathan is the 2022 66kg Classic Open World’s silver medalist. He will be looking to make a statement in the 66kg class, which was much more competitive at the World Championships this year. 

One of the most anticipated clashes of the competition will be a rematch from the 2023 Powerlifting America Classic Open Nationals between reigning 120kg National Champion Tristan Nazelrod and the legendary Mike Tuchscherer. Both will also have to deal with strong competition from Canada (Bryce Krawczyk) and Belize (Kaylon Cadle-Godoy), with all four lifters nominated within 20kg of each other.

In the Women’s Classic Open division, perhaps the most exciting matchup is in the 76kg class between American star Claire Zai, who is moving up from the 69kg class, and the defending North American Champions Sami DePass (2022 76kg NAPF Champion) from Jamaica, and Christine Castro (2022 69kg NAPF Champion) from Canada. Claire was recently on Monday Night Live, where she gave a few hints at where her lifts might be just a week out from the competition.

We expect to see dominant performances from 63kg Julia Williams and +84kg Sub-Junior phenom Luella Bowden. Luella is lifting in the Open division but will turn around and compete at the Sub-Junior World Championships only two weeks later in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Luella has the potential to break several World Records depending on whether she decides to go all out or not.

These North American Championships will also see the international platform return of the legendary Sioux-z Hartwig-Gary. She will most likely add even more accolades to her already unparalleled resume, but this time in the 57kg M2 class.

Reigning World Champion Layne Norton (93kg M1) will be in a three-way battle with fellow American Michael Garozzo and Mexico’s Gabriel Garcia, both of whom pushed Layne to the wire in head-to-head clashes in the past 12 months. Sparks will definitely fly with all three of these world class athletes on the same platform.

For solo performances amongst the Masters, look out for Melissa Copeland (+84kg M1) and Alexa Sperske (69kg M1) who are both nominated in first place by a considerable margin, giving them the freedom to have huge performances. M4 John LaFlamme will be making his international debut for Powerlifting America in the 83kg class after successfully pulling a record shattering 230.5kg (508lbs) deadlift at Powerlifting America Nationals in Scottsdale. Dora Justice (57kg M3), Carlos Lewis (74kg M3) and Dale Garlitz (74kg M4) will also be looking to break World Records.

The Powerlifting America team also includes 2022 Masters World Champions Lily Jackson (M2 +84kg), Vicki Brackett (M3 +84kg), Sam Felts (M4 59kg), Gale Williams (M4 69kg) from the classic division, and Steve Mann (M1 120+kg) from the equipped division.

Powerlifting America will have a media team on the ground. Subscribe on YouTube and follow on Instagram @powerlifting_america so you don’t miss anything.

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Team Stats: 

104 Competitors
10 World Record Holders
14 World Records
17 Former World Champions
27 Podium Finishers at World Championships

Classic Men

Dalton LaCoe, 59kg, Nominated Total 587.5kg
Jonathan Garcia, 66kg, Nominated Total 682.5kg
Mario Leos, 66kg, Nominated Total 540kg
Nicholas Farison, 74kg, Nominated Total 665kg
Tristan Nazelrod, 120kg, Nominated Total 907.5kg
Mike Tuscherer, 120 kg, Nominated Total 887.5kg
Ray Williams, +120, Nominated Total 1000kg
Jonathan Avril, +120kg, Nominated Total 907.5kg

Classic Men

Tylor Reed Fuenger, 59kg, Nominated Total 467.5kg
James Castillo, 59 kg, Nominated Total 455kg
Nabeel Rifai, 74 kg, Nominated Total 552.5kg
Keegan Bucci, 83kg, Nominated Total 602.5kg
Broc Nye, 93kg, Nominated Total 595kg
David Syrotchen, 93kg, Nominated Total 577.5kg
Cole Schirg, 105kg, Nominated Total 635kg
Brayden Coy, 105kg, Nominated Total 615kg

Classic Men

Nolan Coglianese, 74kg, Nominated Total 515kg
Dafydd Herico, 83kg, Nominated Total 645kg
Evan Gonsorcik, 83kg, Nominated Total 605kg
Philip Truong, 93kg, Nominated Total 732.5kg
Cameron “Tank” Lunsford, 93kg, Nominated Total 712.5kg
Nicholas Schzure, 105kg, Nominated Total 707.5kg
Trey Forrest, +120kg, Nominated Total 730kg

Classic Men
Masters I

Huaiyu Tan, 66kg, Nominated Total 492.5kg
Jonathan “Mike” Losa, 83kg, Nominated Total 695.5kg
Todd Straub, 83kg, Nominated Total 677.5kg
Layne Norton, 93kg, Nominated Total 757.5kg
Michael Garrozzo, 93kg, Nominated Total 755kg
Kenneth Cameron, 120kg, Nominated Total 760kg
Michael Jean, Sr., +120kg, Nominated Total 727.5kg

Classic Men
Masters II

Brian Mott, 74kg, Nominated Total 340kg
Ed Ruland, 93kg, Nominated Total 642.5kg
Richard Acosta, 120kg, Nominated Total 522.5kg
Keith Carlascio, 120kg, Nominated Total 502.5kg

Classic Men
Masters III

George Kern, 66kg, Nominated Total 377.5kg
Carlos Lewis, 74kg, Nominated Total 545.5kg

Classic Men
Masters IV

Sam Felts, 59kg, Nominated Total 332.5kg
Dale Garlitz, 74kg, Nominated Total 447.5kg
John LaFlamme, 83kg, Nominated Total 526.5kg
Michael Dollard, 105kg, Nominated Total 375kg
Mack Hodges, 120kg, Nominated Total 455kg

Classic Women

Kaye Johnson, 57kg, Nominated Total 390kg
Julia Williams, 63kg, Nominated Total 455kg
Claire Zai, 76kg, Nominated Total 507.5kg
Michelle Robbins, 84kg, Nominated Total 522.5kg
Aliza Tessler, 84kg, Nominated Total 485kg
Luella Bowden, +84kg, Nominated Total 530kg
Marisa Ruland, +84kg, Nominated Total 490kg

Classic Women

Emma Klime, 52kg, Nominated Total 247.5kg
Kenedee Rowen, 63kg, Nominated Total 347.5kg
Ava Lacasse, 69kg, Nominated Total 302.5kg
Sarah Rogers, 76kg, Nominated Total 302.5kg
Shanti Khalsa, 84kg, Nominated Total 350kg
Kaylee Mann, +84kg, Nominated Total 375kg

Classic Women

Lily Falcone, 47kg, Nominated Total 270kg
Ayana Rivera, 47kg, Nominated Total 242.5kg
Blair Dunn, 57kg, Nominated Total 337.5kg
August Reeves, 69kg, Nominated Total 295kg
Jessica Phares, 76kg, Nominated Total 327.5kg
Sara Roden, 76kg, Nominated Total 322.5kg

Classic Women
Masters 1

Kelly Tonini, 57kg, Nominated Total 322.5kg
Nimisha Mitha, 63kg, Nominated Total 230kg
Alexa Sperske, 69kg, Nominated Total 420kg
Dana Manning, 69kg, Nominated Total 297.5kg
Clair Crawford, 76kg, Nominated Total 297.5kg
Rachael Diehl, 84kg, Nominated Total 345kg
Melissa Copeland, +84kg, Nominated Total 560kg
Rebecca Rutkoski, +84kg, Nominated Total 397.5kg

Classic Women
Masters 2

Melissa Forbis, 52kg, Nominated Total 272.5kg
Sioux-z Hartwig-Gary, 57kg, Nominated Total 305kg
Michelle Carlascio, 63kg, Nominated Total 237.5kg
Claudia Nagata, 69kg, Nominated Total 75kg
Joah Iannotta, 76kg, Nominated Total 444.5kg
Cindy Line, 76kg, Nominated Total 387.5kg
Lilyan Jackson, +84kg, Nominated Total 482.5kg

Classic Women
Masters 3

Dora Justice, 57kg, Nominated Total 267.5kg
Lorraine Efron, 57kg, Nominated Total 230kg
Vicki Brackett, +84kg, Nominated Total 363kg

Classic Women
Masters 4

Gale Williams, 69kg, Nominated Total 288.5kg

Equipped Men

Nelson Martinez, 105kg, Nominated Total 880kg
Pete Nees, 105kg, Nominated Total 802.5kg
Mark Leebrick, 120, Nominated Total 802.5kg
Eddie Mends, 120kg, Nominated Total 617.5kg

Equipped Men

Bryce Toups, 66kg, Nominated Total 465kg
Beau Perrilloux, 74kg, Nominated Total 542.5kg

Equipped Men

Kiel Oalmann, 105kg, Nominated Total 560kg

Equipped Men
Masters 1

Steve Mann, +120kg, Nominated Total 992.5kg

Equipped Men
Masters 3

Michael Rodriguez, 74kg, Nominated Total 540kg
Thomas Cencich, 93kg, Nominated Total 587.5kg

Equipped Women

Juanita Najera, 52kg, Nominated Total 332.5kg
Anna Gonzalez, 52kg, Nominated Total 332.5kg
Casey Hill, 57kg, Nominated Total 412.5kg
Naomi Lukas, 63kg, Nominated Total 310kg
Jenna Austin, 84kg, Nominated Total 385kg

Equipped Women

Caroline Lagarde, 52kg, Nominated Total 325kg
Camille Crutcher, 52kg, Nominated Total 302.5kg
Brooklyn Mazzuca, 57kg, Nominated Total 350kg
Lila Cooper, 57kg, Nominated Total 350kg
Isabel Olivarez, 63kg, Nominated Total 380kg
Celeste Godinez, 69kg, Nominated Total 367.5kg
Malaya Mitchell, 76kg, Nominated Total 372.5kg
Cali Cefalu, 76kg, Nominated Total 365kg
Taylor Durham, 84kg, Nominated Total 360kg

Equipped Women
Masters 2

Claudia Nagata, 69kg, Nominated Total 75kg
Michal Harris, 84kg, Nominated Total 252.5kg

Written by Amy Hutchinson and Julia Williams.
Research by Amy Hutchinson.

Amy Hutchinson is a powerlifting athlete, referee, and contributor to the media team at Powerlifting America. Follow Amy on Instagram.

Julia Williams is a powerlifting athlete, coach, referee, and producer for the media team at Powerlifting America. Follow Julia on Instagram.