Head Coach: Jim Brown – [email protected]
Assistant Head Coach: Tamara Lopes (NAPF Head Coach) – [email protected]
Assistant Coach: Bob Lopes – [email protected]

Selection Criteria:

Must be a current Powerlifting America member in good standing.
Athletes must pay all past and present team fees before the end of final nominations.

Primary Selection:

Athletes who secure the first-place championship/winner position in their respective age category and weight class at the Powerlifting America Masters National Championship and meet the minimum world championship qualifying total (60% of that division’s World Record Total as of 01/01/2024) will automatically qualify for the IPF World Championship. 

Secondary Selection:

All remaining Masters lifters who have met the minimum world championship qualifying total from Powerlifting America Nationals, IPF/NAPF International Championships, since the start of the prior Masters National Championship in the age and weight category will be grouped together. 

These athletes will be ranked by IPF GL formula points. 

The positions will be offered to the highest-ranked lifters, with no more than two lifters permitted in a weight class and no more than eight lifters permitted in an age category. 

*Masters-aged lifters who are US citizens living or serving in a foreign country may qualify by competing as guest lifters in that country’s IPF affiliate national level event, barring they meet the other requirements set for the secondary selection pool. These lifters must submit a request (via request form published around the time of Master’s Nationals) to be added to the secondary selection pool in order to be considered for the Master’s National Team.

**Master Classic (Raw) lifters that have met the minimum Equipped world championship qualifying total for their division from a Powerlifting America National, IPF International, and Regional championship since the conclusion of the prior Masters National Championship may request a spot in the equipped secondary selection pool (via request form published around the time of Masters Nationals).

Men’s Equipped  Women’s Equipped 
 M1M2M3M4  M1M2M3M4
59 kg415375352.5282.5 47 kg297.5287.5190157.5
66 kg480387.5325275 52 kg267.5247.5210165
74 kg545440370302.5 57 kg330270240190
83 kg530467.5402.5365 63 kg387.5330222.5180
93 kg615562.5460347.5 69 kg365317.5247.5180
105 kg630512.5447.5367.5 76 kg392.5342.5262.5217.5
120 kg627.5567.5472.5375 84 kg400365285200
120+ kg647.5575465385 84+ kg397.5375290215
Men’s Classic  Women’s Classic 
 M1M2M3M4  M1M2M3M4
59 kg360307.5255247.5 47 kg215187.5157.5147.5
66 kg395342.5310267.5 52 kg260235195145
74 kg440377.5335290 57 kg267.5230195152.5
83 kg467.5405365325 63 kg300235212.5197.5
93 kg505497.5467.5332.5 69 kg307.5250202.5172.5
105 kg517.5470420340 76 kg330280227.5180
120 kg567.5520427.5337.5 84 kg322.5277.5235175
120+ kg555505425327.5 84+ kg350345232.5160
**All totals are rounded up to the nearest 2.5-kilo increment

***It is essential to emphasize that the minimum qualifying total for the World Championship may vary from year to year. This variation is influenced by the performance standards necessary to maintain the competitiveness of the IPF World competition, both in the present and future. These adjustments in qualification criteria can apply to specific weight classes, categories, or even be implemented universally, as deemed necessary.