Head Coach: Mike Zawilinski – [email protected]

Assistant Coach: Rodney Elm (NAPF Head Coach) – [email protected]

Selection Criteria:

Athletes must be a member of Powerlifting America in good standing to qualify.

The following is for 2023 only

Athletes competing at PA Classic Open National Championships in Austin will have the first chance to guarantee a spot on the Worlds team by winning their weight class and scoring a 1 on the Carpino formula (Carpino 1 totals for each weight class are listed below). Athletes that don’t meet both criteria are added to an alternate pool ranked on Carpino formula.

Athletes competing at Sheffield 2023 Powerlifting Championships will have a chance to secure a spot on the World Championship Nationals Team by scoring a 1 on the Carpino formula (see below). Athletes that don’t achieve a Carpino 1 total, are added to an alternate pool ranked on Carpino formula.

Any remaining spots on the Worlds team will be filled by athletes in order of Carpino formula from totals achieved at Nationals and Sheffield.

The first 16 alternates (8 women, 8 men) that don’t make the World Championship Team will be selected for the North American Regional Powerlifting Championships in the order of Carpino formula.

To summarize:

Primary Selection:

Win at Classic Nationals and Carpino 1 total.

Secondary Selection:

Carpino 1 total at Sheffield.

Tertiary Selection:

Order by Carpino from totals at Nationals and Sheffield.

Carpino 1 totals:


47 → 401kg

52 → 433.5kg

57 → 478kg

63 → 518.5kg

69 → 522.5kg

76 → 561kg

84 → 621.5kg

84+ → 638.5kg


59 → 613.5kg

66 → 702.5kg

74 → 769.5kg

83 → 825.5kg

93 → 868kg

105 → 901.5kg

120 → 922.5kg

120+ → 1013.5kg

Final Standings: