Co-Head Coach: Bill Helmich – [email protected]

Co-Head Coach: Jim Brown – [email protected]

Assistant Coach: Tamara Lopes (NAPF Head Coach) – [email protected]

Selection Criteria:

Athletes must be a member of Powerlifting America in good standing to qualify.

Automatic Selections: The men’s and women’s classic and equipped champion/winner of their respective age category and weight class at the Powerlifting America Masters national championship will automatically be selected for the IPF World Championship.

Alternate Selections: All remaining Masters lifters from all Powerlifting America National Championships and IPF International and Regional championships since the conclusion of the prior Masters National Championship in the aforementioned age and weight category will be grouped together and ranked by IPF GL formula points. The position will be offered to the highest ranked lifter with no more than two lifters permitted in a weight class and no more than eight lifters permitted in an age category.

The first 16 alternates (8 women, 8 men)in each age division for both classic and equipped that don’t make the World Championship team will be selected for the North American Regional Powerlifting Championship using the alternate selection criteria above for the national team.