Head Coach: John Burford – [email protected]
Assistant Coach: Tom Beale – [email protected]
Assistant Coach: Casey Calderone – [email protected]                                             
Assistant Coach: Vincent Mangione – [email protected]                                                

Selection Criteria:

Athletes must be a member of Powerlifting America in good standing to qualify.

Who is a Junior:

Any lifter born on or between January 1st 2001 through December 31st 2005

Who is a Sub Junior:

Any lifter born on or between January 1st 2006 through December 31st  2010  (who has reached their 14th birthday)

Eligible Qualifying Events:

  • Powerlifting America High School Nationals – April 19th-April 21st
  • Powerlifting America University Nationals – March 17th
  • Powerlifting America Classic Sub Junior & Junior Nationals – May 17th-May 19th
  • Powerlifting America Equipped Nationals – May 19th-May 20th 
  • International meets after June 1st, 2023 

Results from all qualifying meets will be grouped together (as if it was one meet) by their respective division:     

Sub-Junior Classic (Raw)
Sub-Junior Equipped
Junior Classic (Raw)
Junior Equipped

Sub Junior Classic (Raw)
Sub Junior Equipped
Junior Classic (Raw)
Junior Equipped

Worlds Selection

For each division:

Primary Selection

Lifters will be ranked by IPF GL Points. The Top 9 lifters by points and who also have the highest total in their weight class will be automatic selections to the National Team.

Secondary Selection

Those lifters not automatically selected will be ranked by Carpino scores.  The remaining spots on the team will be filled by the highest ranked Carpino score from any Powerlifting America Nationals.

NAPF Selection                                                                                                          

For each division:
The first 18 alternates (9 women, 9 men) that don’t make the World Championship Team will be selected for the North American Regional Powerlifting Championships in the order of IPF GL Points.


  • Lifters must be either a resident or eligible for a passport of the United States.
  • Lifters who do not weigh in within the limits of their registered weight class will be considered under the secondary selection process for the weight class for which their body weight puts them.
  • Lifters who have a bigger total than lifters in the next higher weight class will be considered for selection before those lifters with a lower total.
  • The first 9 lifters who are offered a spot on the Subjunior or Junior National teams for the World Championships may decline and receive a spot for the NAPF Championships.